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“After an hour or so, I suddenly had learnt more by just talking to Neill than I had in the last six months listening to so called ‘gurus’!”

When you enter the world of online marketing – it can be very daunting … so much to learn, and so much bull**it to cut through, and I was actually at the point of giving up when I met Neill.

Neill had helped with a big web development job for me, and we got chatting about my problems with online marketing – after an hour or so, I suddenly had learnt more by just talking to Neill than I had in the last six months listening to the so called ‘gurus’!

At that time, I wasn’t actually looking for a coach …but I decided to join Neill’s membership program, and I have never looked back since! I now feel confident with online marketing, my websites are earning and I am taking my websites to the next level with all the new skills I have learnt –

Thanks Neill, your training has been invaluable!!

Amanda Mathers


Chris Walton

“He does what he says, something I have found often doesn’t happen.

I highly recommend Neil for anything to do with website development, internet marketing and consultancy.”

I needed two new websites and had used 6 web developers trying to get them right before finding Neil. He guided me through the process of setting up two internet marketing effective websites whilst still looking professional and not overly salezy like a lot you see on the web.

His attention to detail is excellent and he has been available for me to ask questions either by email and skype and has always got back to me within 24 max, And he does what he says, something i have found often doesn’t happen.

If only i would have found him before i would have saved £1000’s. I find Neil unique in the web development world because not only does he create good designs and keeps changing them as you want them until they are right, but also he knows internet marketing which most web developers do not.

I highly recommend Neil for anything to do with website development, internet marketing and consultancy.

Chris Walton MSc
Performance Psychologist, Author, Creator of Gamma Healing.


Stefan Kuchar

“If you’re seriously looking to start an Online business or develop an existing one then I’d highly recommend Neill for training, consultancy and web based business development.”

After deciding it was time to start my Online business I found Neill  who has since helped me to get my website and products set up. He has helped to develop my Online business by first discussing my requirements and offering help with the things I was unsure about, then advising on the best way to proceed.

He then created a great looking website and blog for me as well as social media pages that are fully integrated with the website to help make them easy to update. Neill proved very knowledgeable and helpful using his experience of Internet marketing and web based business to provide me with consultation and training to help with the ongoing development of my Online business. Always easy to contact, quick to respond and provide ongoing support if needed.

If you’re seriously looking to start an Online business or develop an existing one then I’d highly recommend Neill for training, consultancy and web based business development.

Stefan Kuchar – Author, Speaker & Holistic Life Coach


Dawn Reeves

“Working with Neill has been fantastic.”

Working with Neill has been fantastic, the site looks great and I’ve had positive feedback from people who’ve visited it.

The process has been excellent, it’s been highly collaborative, with honest advice and helpful (understandable) explanations of technical matters that I hadn’t a clue about. And he’s fast!

Definitely happy to recommend Neill’s work.

Dawn Reeves,
Author of Hard Change – a Sharp Edged Political Thriller


Kelly Monaghan

“He’s a terrific colleague to have on your team.”

Neill helped me create and split test a sales page. Not only were his layout skills impeccable, but his sage advice and strategic wisdom guided me smoothly through a confusing and frustrating process.

He’s a terrific colleague to have on your team.

Kelly Monaghan
The Home Based Travel Agent Resource Center.


Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Neil was kind enough to give me a review package of this service and I am happy with the results.

Its been about 5 days since the work completed so I left it to simmer for a bit before i commented and the results are good my site moved from 9th to 4th so a good start.

I can definitely recommend this service

Originally Posted by ukcarl

Thank you Neil for a great job, for my trial starter boost package.

My site has moved up from position 14 to first page position 10 for keyword provided and the main page is now also showing at position 13.

Excellent communication, links randomly manually checked are all in place. Report was clear and complete.
Nice over delivery in all sections of the work too, which is great.

For buyers looking for a good service, great communication and a comprehensive report, Neil is the man to speak to!


Originally Posted by Oggyoi

Ok guys was lucky enough to get a review……This seems to be a good deal for the money!

Got over delivery on each section. Spot checked about 5-7 from all web 2.0, blogs, profiles, and all links were there.

Got about 40% live instant articles from the over 100 submitted. More will drip in im sure.

All in all a nice package and will check on serps to see how it does in the coming weeks.

Originally Posted by DNChamp

Got a review package and I’m very happy with the results.

I used to pay at least 3-5x the amount he is charging as well as cope with the added stress of managing a campaign. Neil’s service is great. Everything went smoothly and the report was delivered on time. Neil provided additional free links to replace those that may drop off. Thanks

Originally Posted by lorrainelim


Some Of My Other Products and Training


“Been there personally with me every step of the way”

I must say that my personal experience with Neil is that, unlike most “gurus” who sell you their training course and leave you to fend for yourself, he has been there personally with me every step of the way when I’ve gotten stuck, now matter how trivial! That’s real value!

The straight-forward Affiliate Manual & Marketing Tool Kit is a perfect representation of Neil’s approach to helping those new to Internet marketing. It helps them get over the common problems they face, ranging from information overload to just plain inaction! There’s no magic bullet in the real world and the course drives home some good, timely concepts that ensures success for anyone who puts the required work into it.

Neil knows his stuff, and one of my favorite benefits of the Kit are the 5-day Action Plans that come with the more difficult concepts! This course packs 10 pounds of Internet marketing training into a 5-pound bag!

Daniel Euergetes

“What this offers is incredible!”

Neil has covered a MASSIVE amount of information and has gone beyond that to provide you with some extras to help you get started the right way. I wish I had came across something like this when I first decided to start learning about this whole IM scene.

This is focused information that will put money in your pocket if you follow through.

Summary: Get this! It’s a steal for the price he’s charging! I already said, I wish someone would’ve offered me something like this when I was a raw newb.

Thanks, Fidel.


“I’d be willing to bet you will be happy with the results”

I cannot say enough about how well put together and complete this package is, if you want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing and are willing to commit to using Neil’s product to do it—you will succeed.

Don’t assume you know how to do things and skip sections take it page-by-page. Do not stop until you have gone through the whole course and you have a site up and it is making money.

And honestly, while nobody can guarantee that you will make sales, if you follow the steps provided I’d be willing to bet you will be happy with the results.

Neil, great job on this.

Thanks again, Len.


“You can’t go wrong”

Just like he says ” Complete Affiliate Marketing Training Package”. And that’s what you get. Whatever you need to know about Affiliate Marketing is covered in his training package.

You can’t go wrong. He gives you the Affiliate Manual, easy start action plan, 5 day action plans and videos.

Get it, read it, Take Action!!!!



“I honestly have not seen a more complete plan”

I honestly have not seen a more complete plan on Affiliate Marketing in a single product before, Neil covers it all in this “huge package”.

If you are looking to begin finally making some money online, grab a copy and read it through several times, then take the plunge !




“All I can say is WOW!!!”

All I can say is WOW!!! Neil you have covered just about everything in your package. A 215 page manual, over 30 videos plus 3 different action plans are included. I have not finished as it is going to take a while but I definitely like what I see.



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